Scarborough, United Kingdom

Hi I’m a Scarborough UK based Photographer who not only likes to see his own work seen on line but also the work of others...


A SALE !!!

A sale s still a sale even if it’s just one greetings card…..
So I would like to thank whoever forked out the exorbitant amount for a single greetings card of ‘VW LINE UP’ from my now fairly extensive RB gallery.
The sale is truly and very much appreciated…… Thank you .


Wasn’t long ago we could look on a designated page and see who had commented on our work without having to search every single piece we have uploaded

Anyone know what happened to that ? ? ?

Site Navigation

Well Hi folks however many of you there are left……

I have been away from the site for some cosiderable time now and have to say it has become damn difficult if not impossible to navigate

I dont know where to go to delete my now quite high numbers of messages from the groups at a stroke
Are we expected to visit every group individually ? ? ?..

Finding other parts of the site……. Well its like a maze filled with cul-de-sacs

Can ANYONE shed any light on whats happening……… ? ? ?

Is there perhaps a hidden tutorial to keep us up to date with changes that have happened

Am I having an unneccesary whinge ? ? ? ?

I just feel really frustrated…..


We used to be able to look at the pics we had chosen as faves and can’t seem to be able to find them these days….
Does anyone know the button to click to go see them again ?


See you all in the Afterlife

I just thought I would take a little time out to wish you all a very happy christmas this year as it looks like we ain’t quite gonna get there. The Mayan calendar hasn’t got christmas 2012 as it all end tomorrow at about elevenses. So while you are sat reading this and enjoying coffee and biscuits and wishing you’d got the kettle on just a few minutes earlier so you could have had the washing up done before the event knowing you died ‘tidy’… In yr dressing gown…. but tidy…..
I’m going to photograph the whole thing and have at least a couple of images uploaded before my final few moments and at least hope for a last feature or even a home page for going that extra apocalypse !
But for now try to think of enjoying the festivities to come ( I’m sure they will ! ! ! ) and try for an absolutely …

More Sales

Made more sales recently including these items….

You sold a photographic print of “The Pickering War Weekend 2011 22”
11 days ago

You sold 5 greeting cards of “The Pickering War Weekend 2011 22”
11 days ago

You sold 4 greeting cards of “The 40’s 2”
about 1 month ago

Thank you to the so far unknown purchaser/s

A FAULT ? ? ?

Even as an account holder and contributor to RB I’ve seen the VISITOR SURVEY….TWICE this morning…. Can’t the survey software sort the logged in users from visitors/potential buyers ?
Come on RB we know you ain’t so good at it yet, but this is a deplorable cock-up !


Important information for all RB Members…

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Yesterday Redbubble added a new function to the site, they added a “Pin it” button to allow anyone to pin work they find on Redbubble to the now well known and widely derided site known as Pinterest.

Redbubble posted a journal announcing this new function and also pointing out that if people didn’t wish to partake in this they could opt-out by changing their settings to hide the “Pin it” button. Unfortunately the journal was only prominent in the opening page for about twelve hours or so, before another journal replaced it.

I believe that it’s really important for artists to be aware of this, and that’s the reason I’ve posted this journal. While some members will be happy to have their images pinned and re-pinned by anyone, many w

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait