Putting a Portfolio Together, and Showing it.

So, I am putting together my portfolio to take around to galleries and local businesses. I am not sure what to do next, just take it around and show them. Do I leave them business cards or maybe postcards. All of the work I have done up until now has been word of mouth, and most of it has been a specialized something (a logo, commissioned work, that sort of thing). I am not sure if I should direct them straight to my online stores, or through me…and what should I wear? Something business-like? Maybe I should just forget this whole thing and send out mailers! Then again, perhaps meeting me in person could sway someone’s decision…is that a good or bad thing? Oh and how many pieces should I have in my portfolio. These are all important questions, you know!

Oh, and how do I decide which “character” to put on my business cards. I think I need one of those people who helps you make decisions…what are those called?

Oh and what should the portfolio be in, say a big binder, a brief case? Should I get some sort of covering for each print?

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