A Woman So Weathered with Hurt a heart that heals no more a time when LOVE was so
New a place where thoughts foretold, of a little girl that dreamed of one day
As the woman dreams of a day she is able to escape the hidden pain of a scarred
heart. The illumination captured of a mother Battered and scorned.
The heart so brittle it cries as it seeks MERCY and silently weeps!
She closes her eyes to travel to a land afar of a garden so
Beautiful within hands reach but so distant in her mind a place where the ocean
Roars in all of its rare beauty a place where the birds sing a tune of love the
Clouds so beautiful the waves as they crash upon the shore the coolness of
The water as it forces you to appreciate its beauty destination LOVE.IM here
Does anyone know? Can anyone tell! The captain of the boat DESTINY
A crewless ship filled with pain, heartbreak and despair a beautiful sun as
It sits in the distance the light so bright as it breaks her gaze somehow lost.
Lesson learned better to have LOVED then lost at sea better to have been
Caressed by the ocean then bruised by a promise a promise of LOVE
The final JUDGEMENT of A TRUE LOVE left unknown.

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