I Met My Mother After 64 Years

The Beginning 65 years of searching
As far as I can remember my mother and Dad were divorced when I was aged two and I was raised by my grandparents and my father at Bulli, nothing was ever said about my mother, only that it was her fault and that she was a gypsy..none of which was true
I used to run away from home time and time again and walked out of school at 15years of age in the first part of my second year.
When I was around 9-10 years of age I was always reading Donald Duck comics etc.( in between when I was running away from home) and then I started sketching all the comics I read (not tracing)
I would show my father and he would take the strap to me and said I was tracing them, which I wasnt. Dad was a very good soccer player in those days with his brother, and previous to when I was born, but fighting and drinking had him kicked out of the club and stopped him from playing for N.S.W. and Australia .He used to get me out on the lawn and throw the ball at me trying to get me to play soccer but the more he did it the more I said no, he even tried to get me to drink beer when I was about 10 but I couldn’t stand the taste, but he kept on trying ,I went to Corrimal Junior High School the first year it was opened but left early the next year..in my first year I received very high marks in tech drawing ,in fact I was first in the school but I never got near a pass in art, music , maths or English all of which I excelled at after I left school and then I started running away from home again
Dad remarried and had a daughter my one and only sister at that time, dad and my stepmum had a house built in Thirroul, but I was left with my grandparents and they raised me as best they could

Dad’s Death in 1965
Dad was killed in Bulli coal-mine in 1965 with 3 other miners underground in a fire and thats when I lost it and walked out of my marriage and ended up at Lightning Ridge digging for opal and singing solo in the old lounge with no microphone , when the new lounge was built I formed a band call ‘The Mullockheap Boy’s’ I stayed at ‘the ridge’ for around 11 years and found a lot of opal in the 60’s, ever so often I would go to Tasmania and work at Mt Lyle near Queenstown where I went thru mining school, but I would always go back to Lightning Ridge, borrow some money, and go digging for opal again , the funny thing is I always found it. It was on one of my trips that I learned my mother was at Wagga Wagga so I dropped in on my way to Tasmania to meet her but she had been moved to Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, so I missed out on meeting her at Wagga.
I wrote a letter to her after she had moved from Wagga to Mermaid Beach on the gold coast and received one back with a photo of her and her husband ,also an invitation to my sisters wedding (who I had never met) but at the time there was no way I could go, when I finally could afford to go I stopped in at the motel but she had been moved to Belmont in Newcastle after that what with touring Australia singing, and making a recording for Delste records at the time, I never made it to Belmont.
I toured Australia with different groups singing and writing country music and was kept pretty busy for a few years till I gave away touring and singing and settled in Newman W.A in the early 80’s managing the caravan park with my partner until someone remembered me and wanted me to front a local group at a race meeting ,as their lead singer had gone south , so, it started again I recorded an Ep of 4 of my songs with Earl Reeve’s support and had a record release at the Walkabout Hotel in Newman , twelve months later I went to Perth and put 13 songs down on tape which sold pretty well , so I started a company called ‘Country Rebel Promotions’ and received a lot of writups in the Sunday Mail and played on Earl Reeve’s country music show on ABC radio

Contact again 2007 (xmas)

Over the years till about 2006 I often wondered if my mother was still alive as she would be getting close to 90 years of age and I could think of no way of finding out at that time, so I just put my mind to work with my art and photography and trying to sell it on the internet as I was living at Cue and then Mount Magnet in Western Australia’s midwest which was over 400 kms to the nearest art gallery, where I could show my work and get known, then out of the blue I received an email from my exwife who I hadn’t heard from since the 70’s..the email said this….. that a cousin Ruth had been trying to contact me since she was 15 years of age in regard to my mother and managed to get in contact with my ex who got my email address from my son Scott and wrote telling me about it all , I contacted my cousin who gave me mum’s phone number and address ,so, I rang her Xmas eve and we spoke for a good hour on the phone, she was 90 years of age , her birthday was the 22nd of January and there was a party for her 91st birthday being held at the Boat Club in Hervey Bay where she lived with two brothers and a sister that I had never met and now I am on my way to meet my new family.
Finally meeting my new family 2008
After flying from Perth to Brisbane and then on another plane to Hervey Bay where I arrived three hours before the midday birthday party for my mother ,which was held at The Hervey Bay Boat Club..I was met by my sister Trish ,her husband and brother Bob with a photographer and reporter from the Fraser Coast Chronicle who were the driving force to get the money to fly me over in time, then taken round to my mothers unit to meet her for the first time. Things went well and there were a few wet eyes that day but I cant describe the feeling when we met, I think it felt like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, now I have to stay here for my 70th birthday and then fly back to Mount Magnet

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