River Of Memories 1975

I would wander to the river and stroll along beside it and remember the days when I was young
fishing near the blue hole and swimming at the swings I recall all the things that I done
of the girl who was beside me almost every night as we strolled hand in hand along the river bank
and the moonlight shimmered softly as we rested on the grass and watched the river slowly move on past
she would always come and meet me down at the old boatshed and I would see the love light in her eyes
as we fondly held each other and whispered sweet thoughts as we lay and the stars shine in the sky
but now she’s gone forever and I have grown older but I still walk beside the river bank
and sometimes I hear her calling as I sadly walk along the path we had shared so long ago
she would call my name softly like the sighing of the wind and I would turn to find nobody there
with tears on my cheeks I would stumble sadly back away from the river of my dreams
until another night would find me once again down amongst my old memories and I would sit and sadly listen to the sighing of the trees and memories that the river brings

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  • Heabar