Trapdoor Blues 1974

I was sitting on the old toilet in Norseman W.A when I heard on the ABC an announcer say he had one of those old toilets with a trapdoor at the back so that the sanitaryman could change the pan and while he sat there they took the pan away…so I wrote this…
I got up one morning in a bit of a hurry
straight out the door for tea I had curry
down to the toilet I did fly
pulled down my pants ans gave a great sigh
I was sittin’ an’ readin’ and concentrating
when the trap at the back was suddenly opened
I felt a cold draught fair on my rear end
and the pan disappeared with the sanitary man
I could hear him laughing as he went on his way
but slow to return with an empty that day
red in the face crosslegged I sat
until I heard that familiar gait
I cursed an’ I swore that I’d caught a chill
and I was feeling considerly ill
I gave a great sigh and finished my chore
read the paper and locked the trapdoor
the moral to learn from this tale
if you go to the lav take hammer an’ nails
seal up the trapdoor as tight as you can
so the sanitaryman cant steal the pan

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