Ive been inspired by Paul

I wrote this after I moved to Lightning Ridge in 1965 and was released on RCA the next year
Black Opal Of Australia
If you ever see an opal, colours fiery bright
Remember where they came from,
a place as dark as night
the bowels of the earth that hide them,
dont want to let them go
but miners burrow down to them,
just to see their colours glow
carefully they gouge, at the clay that hides them well
until a sound like breaking glass, and they unfold their spell
the colours are so pretty flashing red and green,
across the stone they dance, the brightest your ever seen
an opal is the one stone, that never seems to fade
it’s pattern is so different, you see their every shade
the black opal of Australia is the one and only stone
thats found with all the colours of the rainbow all around

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