The Trip

Well I travelled down to Perth on the bus to meet a friend I have been talking to for over 3 years on the internet , and boy what a trip!
Picked her up from the plane with a friend I was staying with in Perth and headed for the Aarons Hotel where she had booked in,ok so far ,pulled up next to the hotel and unloaded the suitcases and took them into reception when John my mate who drove me there let out a curse and took off for the door,I glanced out to find the parking police putting a ticket on the windscreen…John was not a happy chappy we had been there for the total time of two minutes and wack! a $100 fine, but as luck would have it the hotel fixed it up so that was ok.
The next day we set out for Mt Magnet in our borrowed car (a late model Magna) to drive the 650 odd klms to Magnet. John had told us to check the water everytime we stopped for a spell as it was using a bit but didnt know where it was going..we were going great not a problem until we were just about out of mobile range when Heather said “there is steam coming out of the bonnet”
I told her to pull over so I could check the water (we were about halfway) coudnt see any water in the radiator so got the spare water out of the boot and commenced to fill it up and found my feet were getting wet ,had a look and I could see water coming from the front of the motor. Well here we were out in the sticks not going anywhere and couldnt get mobile coverage on our digital phones when I remembered my CDMA phone in my luggage, I only bought it with me for the phone numbers in it
as there was no money on it and the battery was nearly flat, but, I managed to ring OOO and they put me thru to the police in Perth who got in touch with a mechanic in Dalwallinu about 90 kms back, who the rang me but my phone went dead , so my friend was getting worried and her grandaughter decided to do some sunbaking while we waited for who knows what to happen, then along came a truck with a tilt tray and he pulled up to ask what was wrong,so I told him so he put the car on the truck after phoning up the mechanic and took us to Dalwallanu where we booked into a hotel for the night while the car was being repaired.
Sitting in the lounge bar having a quiet drink while waiting for dinner I spotted a beautiful woman in her middle 30’s 40 sitting at the other end of the bar then she disappeared off her stool …she had died …just like that!
ok next day we again set off for Mt Magnet with me watching the temp gaugeand made it to Paynes Find about 140 kms from Magnet I went into the shop and bought a few things then after a while I took the cap off the radiator and got scalded on my arm! Things were not going my way at all, so away we went on the last bit of our nightmare and you wouldnt read about it ,just on dark the battery light came on!so we finally made it into Magnet with no lights and dodging roadtrains… to top it off I was told the next morning an artist friend who had only just bought some paintings of mine had died two days ago., and my friend who had come over from the east coast to take some photo’s around here didnt get to see anything as they left on the bus for Perth the next day..oh she is a member of RB too so she will read this when she gets home

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