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Boronia, Australia

Australia’s rugged landscape is an important part of my life and over many years I have explored some of the more remote parts of it on...


Gear Freak (speculations on the future)

A recent new release from Hassleblad has got me kind of excited so thought I might share my musings for all you gear freaks out there.…

The new camera is the Hassleblad H3dII-50 (link is to the 39 megapixel version). It has a 36×48mm 50 megapixel sensor which is kind of impressive but the thing that excites me is the multi shot mode “the ultimate choice for still life studio photography. Moiré free images that exhibit a level of sharpness, resolution and color fidelity that you have to experience to believe… High precision piezo motors control movements of the sensor in one pixel increments. By combining four shots, each offset by one pixel, the true colours, Red, Green and Blue of each point are obtained. The result is full colour information from the sensor with no artefacts like moiré,

100,000 Thankyou's

Yes you guessed it I’ve finally reached the 6 figure mark. Joined the bub exactly 1 year and eight months ago today and have been completely blown away by the support I’ve had, friends I’ve met and inspiration I’ve received from the many amazing artists here.…

247 public works (although I’m going to cut this back a bit soon)

Most popular work:
Wave Rock 7966 views, 207 favs, 3 sales, 335 comments and currently 115th most popular shot on the bub

Four works with 2000 plus views

Thirteen works with 1000 plus views

Forty-four works with 500 plus views

Despite many uploads I haven’t actually increased my gallery size since 50,000 views preferring not to overwhealm people with more than 12 pages in my gallery. No idea what actual views are probably a fair bit over this amount.

100,000 thankyou’s

The long hard road to Recovery

On Saturday 7th of Febuary 2009, Melbourne temperatures hit a record high of 46.4 °C (115.5 °F) the hottest temperature ever recorded in an Australian capital city, humidity was as low as 6% and winds in excess of 100km were recorded. At 11:20 the first fires were spotted by the time they were extinguished over a month and a half later 173 people had died, 3,500 buildings were destroyed and 4500 km² 450,000 ha (1,100,000 acres) were burnt. The amount of energy released during the firestorm in the Kinglake-Marysville area was equivalent to the amount of energy released by 1,500 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs.…

Six months on I visited the forests above Marysville and disturbing as it is thought I would share a few before and after shots of some waterfalls I visited.

Cumberland Falls


Jeremy and Willie get the double trifecta

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy and Willie caused a minor stir by accidentally hitting the home page for the third time. Such a burden to be the cause of such controversy… lol.…

And today (26/8/09) Jeremy and Willie won it’s third challenge in the Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! groups, Best People Image challenge.

Past Victories:

First in the Stream Crossings Groups, Streams and People challenge challenge (Jan 2009).

First in the Black and White Characters Groups, Indigenous People challenge (Aug 2008).

The irony is that other than family snap shots I rarely do portraits and do not see myself as a portrait photographer. On the whole I simply don’t feel comfortable pointing a lens at people I don’t know very well. In this case I had just spent two weeks getting to know Jeremy and Willie

Flickr, Deviant Art, Gallery, TELP

Hi All,

Further to my Flickr journal post I’ve decided that a web presence is a good way to promote your work so I’ve decided to set up shop as it were in a few other places as well. So if you have a presence on any of these other sites and want to drop by and say hello it would be a pleasure to make your acquaintance there as well.


Deviant Art gallery

Travis Easton Landscape Photography

From what I can gather the sense of community is the strongest on rb so I imagine this will continue to be my main haunt just diversifying a bit.

Have a good one.



I’m probably behind the times but I’ve been thinking about Flickr a bit lately. To date my inclination has been why?…

I take my photography fairly seriously and have spent a massive amount of time and money creating a library of what I hope are quality images. I therefore like to offset these investments in avenues that can see some sort of return on this effort.

I have seen flickr as a place that is incompatible with the above but on the other hand it appears to be a first port of call for many searching for artists and work of specific genres and is a place that can significantly raise public awareness and follow on business via linking people to your other sites (like rb) where work is for sale.

Would be most interested in what peoples experiences are and advice as to whether I should j

Another side of Black Saturday

Last Thursday (4/6/09) I went for a short walk after school (I’m a teacher) from Mt Donna Buang (1250m) to Mt Boobyalla. Mt Donna Buang is the closest summit to Melbourne that receives regular snowfalls each winter. A few hundred meters down the track from Mt Donna Buang’s summit is a big sign warning that the track is so rough that any winter snow traverses are so difficult beyond this point that further progress is not advised. Having walked parts of the track before I concurred with this advice so imagine my surprise when a few hundred meters on I came across this sight:…

The fallen leaves hide the reality a bit but previous to this the rough track was half overgrown and involved a lot pushing through scrub that encroached the narrow foot pad.

Mt Donna Buang is just above Warburton in

Nikon vs Canon 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Personally I don’t care what brand you shoot with if you take a good shot who cares. All the same I can’t resist stirring the pot a bit to see what funny comments result.…

So here are the facts and figures as per the official Portfolio of the
2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

84 awards, 17 categories.

Shots taken with a Canon camera: 50 (i.e. 60%)
Shots taken with a Nikon camera: 29 (i.e. 35%)
Shots taken with a Fuji camera: 2 (i.e. 2%)
Shots taken with a Linhof camera: 1 (i.e. 1%)
Shots taken with a Panasonic camera: 1 (i.e. 1%)
Shots taken with a Olympus camera: 1 (i.e. 1%)

Category Winners
Category winners taken with a Canon camera: 12 (i.e. 71%)
Category winners taken with a Nikon camera: 4 (i.e. 23%)
Category winners taken with a Panasonic camera: 1 (i.e. 6%)

So I think from these

Challenge Win Yeah

Woke up this morning and found out that my Wave Rock pic won the All that is nature groups first challenge, Grand opening nature

Thrilled to be sure.

Also had a triple feature yesterday in the Australia’s great coastline group with:

Tranquility has also been featured in:
Colors of Water
Canon DSLR
Live, Love, Dream
Gippsland, Victoria

Also sold a small poster of Sunburst over Mt Feathertop and the Niggerheads to a mystery buyer so thanks whoever you are.

Haven’t done the shameless self promotion thing in a while, hope an occasional one isn’t too much to bare.



Fine Art Photography?

Over the years I’ve come across the term fine art photography a lot and am very interested in what all you wonderful photographers out there in bubble land define it to be. I’ve always wondered if it has a specific and defined meaning or is it just a self declared endorsement bandied around to try and get people to take your work more seriously. Is it a style, an approach, a format (i.e large format), a certain quality of printing and framing? All thoughts, opinions happily received.


Book Review # 1: Scotlands Coast - Joe Cornish

I love Landscape Photography books although due to their high quality they tend to be a bit expensive so generally I only get them as requested gifts at Christmas time. Speaking for myself I can’t think of a better way to develop your ability to take better photographs than by studying the work of the true masters of the craft. In line with this I thought I’d start reviewing some of my fav’s for anyone out there in bubble land who may happen to be interested.…

Book Review # 1: Scotlands Coast – Joe Cornish

To my own surprise one of my all time favorite Landscape Photography book is not of Tasmanian or anywhere in Australia despite my photographers heart firmly residing here, it is of Scotland.


Commissioned by The National Trust for Scotland, Joe obviously spent a huge amount of time with

5D mkii random reset of shooting settings

Hi all just a little Canon 5D mkII user issue for any experts on this little toy.…

Got a bit of an issue with my 5D mkII shooting settings randomly resetting themselves when I go between the C1 C2 &C3 settings and the auto and P/ Tv/ Av /M /B modes. Basically I use the C1, C2 & C3 settings for my serious work, ISO 100, 2sec shutter delay, RAW/ small jpeg etc. and the fully auto and P/ Tv/ Av /M /B modes for point and shoot grab shots, i.e. single shot, large jpeg etc. The annoying bit is that when I go between the two the auto, P/ Tv/ Av /M /B side sometimes randomly resets itself to RAW/ small jpeg and a 2 or 10second delay which means when I whip it out to grab a passing bird or one of my kids fleeting smiles etc. the stupid 2 or 10 second timer kicks in instead of the single shot mode I


Hi All been a while since I’ve journaled,

Finally got off my butt and paid all the donations I promised from sales last week. The surprising one was my ‘your water your say’ / ‘watershed victoria’ donation. The good people fighting this ridiculous scheme were so touched by my little donation that they’ve done a little write up on me and asked me to put my Would you build a desal plant here at there The Gift exhibition at the BOCA gallery in Nunawading which I dropped off today.

I also joined the Wilderness Society so from now on will be making monthly donations to this cause too.

Just thought I’d let you all know that I actually follow this stuff up, speaking of which…

Had another little milestone this week with Wave Rock passing 5000 views.

Thanks all


A week in 5DmkII heaven

I just got back today from a week down at Lake Tyers (near Lakes Entrance, Victoria) with my family, my first trip away with my 5DmkII. Where do I start, the experience of shooting with this tool was absolutely amazing and liberating, and the contrast from shooting film (Velvia 50 usually) could not be more pronounced.…

For a start it just does so much more feature wise. It took me a few days just to finish reading the manual and working out how everything worked. I’m still a little slow and clumsy and seem to accidentally reset half the parameters every five minutes but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I went down Royal Cave at Buchan and was not permitted to take a tripod into the cave, I did anyway but there was only one spot that was big enough and we stopped in long enough for me to use i

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait