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Boronia, Australia

Australia’s rugged landscape is an important part of my life and over many years I have explored some of the more remote parts of it on...


It’s funny how you go through life and have things in front of your face yet somehow they remain invisible, but then you see others that get it and it’s like a light bulb.

Tony Middleton is a fantastic photographer and really uses his talent in service of the environment and causes he believes in and he’s really inspired me to think about my personal level of responsability.

I’ve always been very active in humanitarian support but despite my love and reverence for nature have always resigned financial support of environmental causes from my photography as something to do in the future when I start making a profit instead of a loss. Tony has made me think about these issues and made me realise that deferring support of such causes onto some undefined future time is a cop out.

I haven’t actually sold anything on bubble yet but when I do I’ve now decided to donate 10% of all profits to the, Wilderness Society
Their track record for environmental causes is second to none and they can do with all the support they can get.

Have a good one


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