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One Month in

Hi all,

Wow the bubble one month in. Highly addictive little sucker, I’ve become obsessed with logging in multiple times a day, to uploading stuff, check others out, encouraging and being encouraged. I’m less than 100 shy of the 5000 mark so its been quite overwhelming with the interest and response but as someone who already exhibits in ten different galleries and is used to selling a reasonable amount of cards and prints each month I’m a little surprised to have not sold anything yet (although I’ve certainly bought a bit myself).

It has been so interesting to find out what people like though. I have my personal favourite shots but what I like and what others like is often so different. It’s just so expensive to frame work that doesn’t sell, so having bubble as a mini market research tool to gauge interest has been great in helping me choose what to frame. My only bug bear is the square preview which sometimes misses all areas of interest, particularly with panorama shots resulting in some shots being overlooked that probably shouldn’t be.

The comments have been amazing. Pre bubble, feedback for me has been almost non existant so to get so much in the way of informed feedback from talented fellow practitioners has been really affirming and educational.

Anyway thanks so much to everyone who has visited and left comments I’ve loved chatting to you all regardless of whether its down the road or from the other side of the globe. As a teacher my holidays have finished now so I need to ween myself off the bubble a bit with a new son and a full work load I really need to drag myself away. Looking forward to the year ahead and seeing how the bubble experience evolves. Fantastic site and fantastic people on it.

love yez all


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