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Lake Rhona response

Hi Liz,

Pedder was certainly a tragedy I met this lady after hiking the western arthurs in SW Tassie a few years ago who simply found it too painful to live in the place she loved after Pedder and emigrated to Vic. Twenty-five years later this was her first return trip. Pedder however did start the political conservation machinery that had a direct result in saving the Franklin River. It mobilized a huge group of people who before Pedder idealistically believed that people if informed would do the right thing. These same people took matters further with the Franklin and literally chained themselves to the construction machinery so it could not be used. A similar vibe to the whalers currently in the news – enough is enough. Interestingly, Pedder was actually part of a double dam project the other part being The Gordon Dam, interestingly the anti Pedder dam protestors were practical enough to not fight the Gordon project or the need for dams themselves, just this dam in particular.
The lynch pin for the Franklin campagn was a photo by Peter Dombrovskis
( which for me has always been somewhat of an ultimate aspiration photographically. Thanks again for your considered feedback.


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