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Australia’s rugged landscape is an important part of my life and over many years I have explored some of the more remote parts of it on...

How much?

A few weeks ago I had a gig playing percussion in the Wool Shed museum in Geelong to celebrate the launch of a multi council arts inititive around Geelong called ’Connecting Identities."

While waiting for the gig to start I decided to take a few pics of this massive and wonderful mural called ‘walking country’ which was a huge 3D artwork/map of the surrounding area. It covered the entire floor of this massive room and while shooting the curator noticed I was shooting with a tripod (and presumably thought I knew what I was doing because of it while ignoring the other happy snapers shooting around me) and asked if I could send her the shots I was taking for inclusion on the Connecting Identities website and how much I would charge for them.

I know what a print is worth but have no idea what a website image is worth? Being government funded it is well resourced (got lots for the gig anyway). Unfortunately the shot is still in my camera (yes I still shoot film, 5DII not far away though) so I can’t show the pic yet, but she liked my website and is interested in me getting involved in phase two next year too when they go from the river mouth to the you yangs (an old rockclimbing haunt of mine).

Any advise re pricing or otherwise gratefully received.


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