Bushfires: A Note

Like many people here, I’ll be donating the profits from any sales of my work in the following month (and beyond most likely) to the Bushfire Appeals here in Victoria in addition to what I’ve already given.

One work in particular I’ve added especially for this cause with a higher mark up:

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have been effected personally by this kind of tragedy on a couple of occasions. The first of which was the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. I grew up in the Dandenong Ranges, and if weren’t for a last moment wind change, my family’s house would have been directly in the path of the fires. The second occasion occurred in 1997 when some deliberately lit fires raced through Ferny Creek, razed 40 houses and killed 3 people. My parents were evacuated and fire was stopped in the paddocks across the road from them by water bombers.

As much as we try to be conscious of pain and suffering around the world, it becomes all the more real when it strikes your people and the places you know. Ferny Creek is a place just like those devastated by the fires. There are tea rooms, the CFA, a football club, a scout hall, a church and primary school. Everyone knew each other when I was growing up there, and not because they were friends on Facebook.

I’m not often prone to parochialism, but I love the place I grew up in. I can only imagine how all of the people affected by this must feel now about what they’ve lost, because I’m absolutely certain they loved where they lived.

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