Disappearing Act - My Redbubble Legacy

One thing that has both attracted and frustrated me about Redbubble is that it is also driven by interest in the person, not just the art. This is one of the aspects that makes it such a great community site at times, because you really feel that people are interested in what you’re expressing, and very encouraging and supporting. One negative to this is that often, if you don’t participate, you can see interest waning in your creative output, and this pressure to participate is one that I’ve felt less of an urge to give in to lately for various reasons both personal and circumstantial. It is a little inconsistent not to provide the same level of encouragement that I felt when I began here, but longetivity here can also lead to a kind of burnout and disconnection about what excited you in…

Thanks for the feature - how did you know?

I don’t normally journal these things, but thanks for the homepage feature for Living

Great way to celebrate my birthday!

PS. I’ve been here over 2 years now, and let the anniversary pass by unacknowledged. I’d like to thank Redbubble for turning my life around creatively and providing a forum to meet so many people that I count as great friends.

That’s all for now :)

Bushfires: A Note

Like many people here, I’ll be donating the profits from any sales of my work in the following month (and beyond most likely) to the Bushfire Appeals here in Victoria in addition to what I’ve already given.…

One work in particular I’ve added especially for this cause with a higher mark up:

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have been effected personally by this kind of tragedy on a couple of occasions. The first of which was the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. I grew up in the Dandenong Ranges, and if weren’t for a last moment wind change, my family’s house would have been directly in the path of the fires. The second occasion occurred in 1997 when some deliberately lit fires raced through Ferny Creek, razed 40 houses and killed 3 people. My parents were evacuated and fire was stopped in the

Bubble Essay #1: The Irony Of The Democratization Of Art

It’s been stated many times by the founders of Redbubble that they seek to democratize art by allowing everyone to have a gallery of their work on display for public view, with the ability for it to be purchased in various high quality media.…

An ongoing debate has been occurring since the nascent days of the site regarding quality, and the large amount of uploads that are perceived as lacking in artistic merit. I used to be concerned about this, but have slowly let go of the idea that this is a site that is about ‘meritorious’ art (despite the flourishing debates), and more to do with the idea of participatory community focused around creative activity. I’d like to address the idea of ‘online community’ and it’s contradictions in a future essay, but for now will acknowledge that this com

What's In A Name?

I’ve been:

Funty Farnarkle
Sir Dicky Ballbag
Fanny Cockburn
Roger Bottoms
Doggy Style
Gear Knob
Pink Bits
Jesus H Fist
Perpen Dickular

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Why? Fucked if I know. I get bored and it’s kind of amusing to click on the ‘my bubble’ tab and it says ‘Welcome Sir Dicky’. I then imagine that I get to sit in a Chesterfield and someone offers me a cigar and a glass of Cognac and asks me about my time in Africa among the missionaries. And ‘Welcome Doggy’, that’s just funny.

There is a temptation to call myself something that may offend religious zealots of any faith to see how quickly they complain…

I used to take shit here seriously, now it’s way more enjoyable this way.

Try it sometime, get a life you square-eyed c….

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