I traced the black under her eyes with my brittle ivory finger, feeling to see if there was any life left in those vibrant blue eyes — turned cold by the fire burning inside her soul. I held her in my arms as if she was a baby, and patted her onyx hair as if I would never see her again.

“What have you done?” I made sure to whisper, “I had loved you. I told you I would be back for you…. but couldn’t you wait? Could I not be granted a little adventure. Would it make your eyes open had I told you, I missed you everyday while I was gone? Your eyes… It’s astounding, I heard their magical tune even in the far away contientients where ice is all you see, Everytime I thought I would turn cold at the heart, and gray at the face, your eyes sang me their lullaby, and I stayed alive to hear that next little note…. Your heart kept me warm at night, because I knew it was yearning for the procession of beats from mine… Your face kept me going through the storms, always leading me back safe… You were an angel to me… something so holy…. Had you any idea of how much I thought about you on a daily basis, would you have stayed whole?… alive?”

Tears slipped down my black splotched cheeks and onto her satin green halter-dress. She twitched again, this time, her whole body created the movement, causing my arms to give way. Shaking, I tightened my grip — Silently vowing never to let her go again. I had made the mistake of letting her go once, and never again would I do this.. never..

Looking around me at the falling down walls, what could have been an abandoned house, I looked for any type of phone, anything to get communication to someone somewhere. Sobbing, I picked her up in my arms. Much to my dismay, due to my shaking and my… fear.. My knees buckled at the feat of strength I tried to complete; I fell down with an earth shattering crack, and the pain jolted up my arms. I shook, but never let my grip loosten on her; SHE WAS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

Trying again, I somehow brought forth a strength from deep within my soul — that would have amazed me, had I not been so hell-bent on keeping her alive. Walking around I managed to find a broken down staircase in the next room. Laying her ever-so-gentely on it, I promised her in her ear I wouldn’t be gone for more than 10 minutes. As I turned to walk away, her frail lips spoke, “I love you, Jacob,” my heart beat replied with violent clenches, and I turned around to see those soul-shattering blue eyes searching my face, “you don’t have to save me. This is the way it’s supposed to be. Beast dies before man, remember?..” She coughed the last lines, which made it apparent she used every strength left in her to speak.

“I won’t let you die. Beast or not, you deserve to live as much as anybody here.”

Suddenly a sharp pain spread all down my spine, and I jumped back with a hiss. I looked to the patched ceiling to find the sun was breaking through the tiny cracks. Cursing the sky, I set out before she could gain consciousness.

I ran as fast as my immortal legs would carry me, had I enough to save her, I would, but I was just as helpless to her as an animal. My eyes searched the horizon of trees, as their blurred shapes whipped past me, smelling the pines and cedar trees almost was enough to make me stop and stand in that heaven long enough, but I couldn’t let her — no, not again.

Out of what seemed like no where, I spotted a blur of pink. Stopping, I looked closely, squinting my eyes. Laughing, I faintly began to make out a little girl with brown pig tails and pink overalls trailing the edge of the deserted highway. Convincing myself of the unthinkable in my head, I told myself repeatedly that I would save her afterwards, a smile crept its way to my lips, I wouldn’t have known it was there unless the voice in my head didn’t silently contradict it’s earlier statements;

“I lied, darling. I’ll be back in five.”


Melanie Armstrong

Joined January 2008

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