Eustis, United States

70 year old self taught artis that has only been painting full time since retired from lumber indurstry at age of 65. Love to try to...

Dry Creek Bed in New Mexico Poster $12.00
What a Wonderful day for Fishing Poster $12.00
He is Big Proud and Beautiful Poster $12.00
So we wear mask What is your point Poster $12.00
Old Rocky Poster $12.00
Another Reflection Poster $12.00
Northern Lights At Sunrise Poster $12.00
Waterfalls between the Trees Poster $12.00
Big Bad Wolf Poster $12.00
Junior in his memory Poster $12.00
Northern Lights over the Canadian Rockies Foothills Poster $12.00
Naked Cypress Deep In The Swamp Poster $12.00
My favorite singing place Poster $12.00
White and Brown Horse at Fence Poster $12.00
Little Mia Poster $12.00
Flock of Flimingos Poster $12.00
A Place of Peace Poster $12.00
Paradise to Me Poster $12.00
Springtime is Here Poster $12.00
Deserted Beach Poster $12.00
Sunrise in Canadian Rockies Poster $12.00
Pair of Red Foxes at beach in New Jersey Poster $12.00
I Love the Ocean Poster $12.00
Finished My Cabinet in My Car Port Poster $12.00
House down by the Lake Poster $12.00
Stoney Florida Beach Poster $12.00
Old Rocky Poster $12.00
Mountain View done with only a fan brush Poster $12.00
Nothing is refreshing as New Snow Poster $12.00
Village Blacksmith Poster $12.00
Hermione Wears Her House Colors At School Poster $12.00
Lone Grey Wolf 2014 Poster $12.00
Nothing Like a Cool Rock on a Hot Day Poster $12.00
Checking out the old swimming hole 71 Vette Poster $12.00
Peeking Through The Trees Poster $12.00
Blue Dragon Princess Poster $12.00
Even the King and Queen of the Jungle need Rest Poster $12.00
There Once Was a Princess Named After a Tree Poster $12.00
Bunk Buddies Poster $12.00
Lighthouse on a Partilly Cloudy Night Poster $12.00
Old Grey at the Pond Poster $12.00
Beautiful Night at Stepping Stone Falls Poster $12.00
Matterhorn Poster $12.00
Santorini where the Greek Flag Reigns Poster $12.00
Some Old Southern Comfort Poster $12.00
Cheetah Near Water Fall Poster $12.00
One Angry Snow Leopard Poster $12.00
Leap of Faith Poster $12.00
Forgotten Treasure 1929 Studebaker Poster $12.00
Mom took the kids to the River Poster $12.00
Pretty Filly Poster $12.00
Daddy watching over his Little Mermaid Poster $12.00
Merry Christmas the Clauses Poster $12.00
You Have a White Tiger in your Grass Poster $12.00
Blue Witch from Spider Mountain Poster $12.00
All Alone In The Blue Poster $12.00
My goodness He does Exist Poster $12.00
Still Snow on the Mountain Poster $12.00
A Refreshing Bath Poster $12.00
Reflections in the Swiss Alps Poster $12.00
Grey Plover on the Gulf Coast of Florida Poster $12.00
Nap time at the Zoo Poster $12.00
Sunrise Over the Rockies Poster $12.00
Dancing In The Wind Poster $12.00
Family Get together at the lake Poster $12.00
Mountain Waterfall almost in an Oval Poster $12.00
White Egret on Destin Beach Florida Poster $12.00
Dessa Heard Something Poster $12.00
Florida State Animals Poster $12.00
Just keeping and eye on the Cubs Poster $12.00
Little Island Paradise Poster $12.00
Old Fishing Hole Poster $12.00
It"s My Cart Poster $12.00
Sandhill Crane on Lake Eustis Poster $12.00
Wild Cat running from coming snow storm Poster $12.00
Lake in the Foothills Poster $12.00
Angie Ward Three Decades Ago Poster $12.00
Caught on the Rocks Poster $12.00
They Were Born Free Poster $12.00
Little Unvisited Japanese Shrine Poster $12.00
White Tiger Down By The River Poster $12.00
The Bone Witch Poster $12.00
Living at the base of Mt. Rainer Poster $12.00
Native American Witch and Her Familiar Poster $12.00
Fishing Shack on the Lake at Moon Rise Poster $12.00
Beauty and the Beach Poster $12.00
Northern Lights over a Canadian Mountain Lake Poster $12.00
Test Flight in New Halloween Outfit Poster $12.00
The Way to Grandmother's House Poster $12.00
Dark Witch shows the Cat her Magic Poster $12.00
Kiss of Trust between Kindred Spirits Poster $12.00
Brother and Sister Keepers of the Mystic Eyes Poster $12.00
Little Southern Belle on a Swing Poster $12.00
Coyote on the Hunt Poster $12.00
Brown Pelican on Datona Beach FLorida Poster $12.00
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