Hello Toucan Jester fans

Well…at last I have found a place to share my art and photography with you.
Still early days with my portfolio, but I have stacks of ideas brimming in my head…some of them sensible…some of them crazy…but in a good way.
Now that I have found a way of selling my creations, my imagination is now limitless…but more importantly bags of fun (once I’d worked out pixels and resolution specs…now figured out thankfully).
My main goal is to produce YOU something that you’ll enjoy. I do take pride in my work and I’m a stickler for quality…hopefully this will improve over time,ha

As well as photography, my other love is cartoon illustrating, graphic design and creative writing. Again I have stacks of cartoons etc that I will be sharing…some teeter on the edge of kooky but most sit in the parameters of plain nuts. I guess this is a reflection of my sanity, or lack thereof.
I guess if you like my cartoon stuff, you’re more than likely as crazy as me…well it’s better than being normal isn’t it? nutcases assemble!!

Ok before I start to rattle on too much like an empty can, I will close for now.
I will however be slightly distracted with the arrival of my first child…which could appear any moment now…but I will add more art very very soon…once I’ve used to my zombie-esque sleep state.

Any questions or enquires, please drop me an e-mail at toucanjester@gmail.com or message me at bubble mail or see my contact page at http://www.toucan-jester.com/?page_id=109

Adios amigos and wish me luck for fatherhood

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