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These images were taken on a 90 day trip to India, traveling from Kashmir to Kerala, with Jackie my good lady…
It was hard work, traveling up to 18 hours on coaches, a 42 hour train journey at about 20mph. Got a bit scary in a couple of places, Dragged off the bus by gun point, and accuse of taking photographs of the Boarder… Things were twitchy Bombs had gone off in Srinagar’s and there was a curfew in place..

“The Kit”

100 rolls of Fuji 50asa Transparency film and the best lens I could lay my hands on.

Camera Contax RTS…. because it has a 60th backup speed ( if the batteries fail) . Uses Zeiss Lenses. and built like a tank. This camera was fitted with a 100mm Zeiss F3.5 and an Olympus XA. This was topped off with a compact Gitzo reporter tripod.

This was my primary kit… other kit I took was a yashicamat 6X6 twinlens reflex and a sigma 300mm… This added a considerable weight and built to the kit, as I was carrying everything. Film ( 100 rolls + some 120) , cameras, and clothes. and minimal walking kit.. boots & sleeping bag…etc. However in reality we were carying so few clothes, and they were lightweight, they were pretty minimal… It was so hot most of the time.

It was all film kit. ………..
well 100 rolls = 3,600 slides,this took me a couple of years to scan. the editing is still going on. Im down to a couple of hundred of images… and still going…..

“A final note….”

While in the mountains up north, a one legged Sadu appeared from below a very very very large round boulder, which was his home.. He said we would have a son, and so 18 years later the boy has grown up… So its time to pick up where I was……

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