Thanks & an update -- gibber gibber---

Hello all thanks for the great comments.

im looking forward now to see what you have been up to… Power on the boat is extremely limited at the moment, the batteries are finally dying… This is being sorted this week….. Along with a gas powered generator, which will give me 250 watts all day for about 80p.

The aim is to have a carbon footprint of 2.5 tonnes per annum… the average uk consumer is 12.5 tonnes per annum… France its 6 tonnes ( due to their nuclear program) … Its an inconvenient truth, but its one that we will all have to face up to much sooner than every one expected. There is no way that the world governments and the financial institutions can stand the ongoing onslaught to our infrastructure that changing weather conditions bring with it….

Back to the pictures
I’m glad you liked the dawn light images, these last batch of images were shot over two mornings… My mamiya packed up at the most spectacular moment, as a wall of mist 50ft high rolled down the canal… Absolutely spectacular, Hollywood special effects would have struggled with this. awesome is a word to describe it…. And i managed to drop my meter in the canal Argggg… So many of these images were estimates !!!!

Thats October in the bag.. 17 rolls of film……. A good week to process scan, retouch etc…. The question is, working with film, is it worth it ???? This is a question ive been asking for the last 7 years….. im putting this together as a discussion.. asap

Still cant get the fire going, ive realized if i rip it out and put a wood burner in its place, im gonna have a possible issue with condensation…. Not if she’s gonna be a Gallery that will limit activity to the summer…. mmmm problem… watch this space.

The printer is on order, this will allow me to print to A2+, its not the size but the ink costs. Used to run a A3 cannon, till I tried to fit a continuous ink system, totally trashed it… I used to sell quite a few prints…….I reckon it set me back a year……Be warned.. my old college where i used to work has ripped their continuous ink systems.. …. these A3+ printers are just not up to the job… More on the costings on the blog page… coming soon

Along with my own work , I think ive just got my first portfolio order, of 15 A3+ prints .From an ex student (bless them)… Excellent, ive got to make this puppy pay, This is starting to get real exciting, as the opportunities open up… It also gives me chance to utilize my degree, Ive been teaching computing, web design and multimedia for the last eight years, so this is cool !!!!!

When the gallery is up and running, im hoping for the end of this month, to catch Christmas, else its gonna be about march…. This will give us the chance of over wintering and seeing what problems we have…. Looking forward to a snug winter.. lots of grainy black and white…

As molly gets up together , and the gallery is to be opened, im gonna be looking for some art work, probably cards, as i wish to promote people on flickr and here who have produced some wonderful images….

Well that me clean out of images… have not shot any for the last week.. need to catch up, hope theres some autumn left.. Ive taken the decision not to do any “specimen trees” this year. In fact my images have been of wild plants all year… Ive nearly got enough material to produce a small book on corn parsley. In fact ive now got several collections & projects that need to be finished…

Ive sorted out the tags in to a useful gallery , so ill upload some of my archives of India, more on plantscapes, some street and abstracts.

I’m now looking forward to seeing some of your images.. tomorrow, its late…..

Hav a good week end …………….

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