Been away fooling with Molly !!!!

Thanks for all your fantastic comments, Sold a couple of cards, wonderful & thank you…

R_bubble has now got groups, fantastic….. Joined a few but …. how do you add images,,,, dam ill have to read the instructions……

And who’s Molly ???? well shes my boat. ( 60 ft dutch barge ) Shes my current project, and she is fantastic, She has allowed me to totally remodel my life….. Which is now rather “cool”

The aim is to minimise my environmental footprint. While maximizing my quality of life……… When it comes down to it we have to reduce our personal footprint to 2.5 Tones per year, Here in the UK its an average of 12.5 tonnes. In France its 8 tonnes, due mainly to nuclear.

How far can we reduce this footprint and still maintain a Quality of life? What do we mean by Quality of life?? … I feel more comfortable living in a balanced lifestyle.
Molly is the vehicle to explore these issues..very much from a technical perspective
.. more like a off grid cook book…. I’m updating the molly blog at the moment where well look at these issues..

Photographically, im now working almost entirely with medium format transparencies stock to maximise image quality… Red Bubble allows me to buy card stock for Molly, Shes going to be my gallery and my shooting platform, im living on a mist generator, It allows me to moor near my subject, and then wait for the right light…. Cool !!!
an example of this is "Dawn Light " images that ive just uploaded..

Just printed up “Tranquility in blue” to 20 X 30.. looks stunning.

Again thanks for your comments, and or reading this dribble…..


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