Witch Children of Africa - One Man and his disgust

I feel bile rise in my throat and am crippled with utter disgust at the treatment of these children branded as witches in Nigeria. It cuts me to the core to learn that it happens here in the UK too!

Innocence is fragile and short lived – a gift to children to enjoy before the world of man that we created lays claim to them. It is the ultimate obligation of all adults to allow this innocence to last for as long as it will and to allow the flame of optimism, compassion, trust, dignity and honour to burn bright within the children so that it stays with them throughout life.

That Helen Ukpabio and the other profiteering “prophets” of Nigeria are not suffering in deep cells, denied their freedom and revealed to their mislead followers as the beasts that they are for this vile promotion of child torture, abuse, abandonment and murder – in the name of god – is a fact I will struggle to understand. Stop it happening now!

Please sign the petition in the very least.


Blessed be

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