Art has been a part of my life from a very young age. My surroundings, life experiences, my uncle are my inspirations. I also find Pablo Picasso and his cubist style fascinating. He has inspired at least one of my pieces. My earliest inspirations came from the countryside surrounding the village where I grew up and one of my uncles who was himself an artist. I remember watching him create a work with a fascination and awe that only a child can possess. One of the recurring themes of my work is an old foot bridge from my village that my best friend and I used to play around. It was dilapidated with slippery green moss growing on the ancient stones. The bridge’s presence represented the history of our region and the strength of our culture. These two bits of nostalgia have been present in some of my later works as well.

The subject of my work and the pieces themselves are born from my nightly dreams. My art is my emotional and intellectual outlet. The vibrant colours and geometric shapes symbolize the physical and poignant elements of life. I prefer to use paint as a medium because brandishing a paint brush just comes naturally to me. The brush becomes an extension of my mind recording my thoughts and feelings at the time. My visions and dreams seem to flow out of the brush and on to the paper. I prefer to use watercolour, because it allows me to blend the colours together and create texture with the brush. Red is one of my favourite colours to use to convey my feelings and ideas. It’s a brilliant, bright colour that represents life, death, and passion. These are my experiences, which are all themes in my most recent work.

Religion and vice are the two key themes that present themselves in my recent works. I enjoy calling society’s conflicting ideas about morality and social conformity in to question, as well as, how the individual person’s desire to conform to these ideas manifests itself in every day life. Fleeing the war in Kosovo and coming to London during my teenage years is an experience that has inspired my work. The horrors of war as well as the dramatic difference between eastern and western European culture are two of my favourite subjects. My work usually has a third person viewpoint. I prefer the viewer to see both sides of an issue and then come to his or her own conclusion.

Like most artists, or people for that matter, I find it difficult to classify myself, like stuffing myself in a small box. If I had to label my work I’d say it’s Expressionist. I paint and draw because I love art. Each of my pieces has a special meaning to me and represents a different element of my life. In the future I hope to continue to develop my artistic abilities through formal education and possibly apprenticeship. Regardless, I plan to create until the day I die.

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