"Together we stand" (documentation)

I took the liberty to write this document ,This should be a document that should be preserve for the rest of our lives through generation, and like the forefathers , the declaration of independence, the humans rights, all preserved as sacred to us, this will be called “the intervention” or “ the holiday” and now I should lean towards its details. But before making my point, I leave you with some well known observations.

Human race has always been split apart from the beginning of times among and from each other, and as we live on, we become more and more divided, in a lot of sub-mini-groups of all sorts, from believes, practice, and miss concepts , our differences , the quotidian making-choice, the desirable things , we are separated in fields of religion, medicine , other beliefs, and in every subject under the sun, it seems always to be a contradiction, one will disagree with another and takes different path based in self-beliefs and others will follow. Another group has formed, the other loses a member or two and on.

There’s never been a single time on earth that everybody agreed in one subject of matter , or an event of any giving chance that we as a race have participated in as in a whole , a race, instead sub-mini-groups , thus separates us and somehow I believe that weaken our powers and therefore our achievements and accomplishments as a race together rather than self-individual praise. “together we stand”.

I also believe that as a race we have some powers but that same powers had been split apart among us leaving us powerless.

If a single individual can accomplish great things in life through his beliefs and willpowers!? I’m in position to make assumptions that if we put our strength and beliefs together as a race, a whole, we can overcome and achieve greatness?

The devil is a powerful creature but he doesn’t work alone, but in togetherness he do all his work with his demons and angels , we all know God himself work with spiritual creatures and angels to do more so, we too should work together in order to transcend.

That’s where my mind is triggering and I might just have found a way to do so, we are going to have to agree in one subject, I mean everybody have to come together on this to make it happen.

For some people have a clear understanding about human race origin and its purpose and meaning of life in general , we all are familiar with questions related : where we came from, why , and where we go. But for most people life is far mysterious than it looks and demand and seek answers during their lifetime in many ways, and our natural curiosity its not just an accident, and somehow all humans believe in other dimension of life , I can positively say we all believe in something, you don’t have to be religious nor indifferent to believe , but you believe anyways. We all do.

Buddhist, Catholics , Jewish, muslin, others, Mormons, protestant, skeptics, or just being a “spiritual” person, Doctors divided by mini fields to classify themselves, social services and their status, the eye doctor is nothing like the ear doctor, and so on, we are divide in thousands and thousands pieces, some groups are so small its barely a group, names and domain, my point we all believe in something, the right from wrong it’s the main issue.

This is where all this description will fit in, this is the main part of the whole procedure,.
What are we going to do? To better our lives and the lives of our fellow men?

I say, we need to have an intervention with our spirits , we need to call our , what we called “superiors”
We need to demand from our guides our angels , its time to have a meeting with our gods. This is not just a theory but its to make it a reality. Let’s set up a date and time for this intervention, for this meeting

With that in mind we are going to use all of our strength, our faith, and powers, to call upon the un known world , the other dimension, our spirits, regardless bad or good, whatever Is your believe its time to come together as a whole human race , so in this day at the same time same minute and second, all humans should take a few seconds of their life and try this practice, I say everybody, weather your Catholics or protestant, muslin or the other , we are going to pray , to ask and most relevant we are going to demand answers for our race, from our the unknown world, whatever its your question or worry, this day it should come forward, because you going to remember that almost 7 billions others are on this with you, at the same time same day at this very moment with the same objective, and I’m sure the world will be different the very next morning, pray for the poor , for the suffering , and injustice and everything else that deprive you in any way. don’t just pray for yourself , pray for our race , pray for a better world , pray or do your ceremony, or should I say demand better, because we deserve it, and its not just our fault we live in a world that we live in, our guidance deliberation left us here to deal alone in this vast universe, so now times has come to call upon them. Wherever ceremony you do and believe works for you lets do it ion this day at this same time, I’m not saying change your religion, your believes , all I’m saying lets execute them all at the same time , knowing the day of intervention, the day we came along, this day should also be celebrate every year, we have tried everything but more personal than groups and nothing better one big group , the human kind , our kind, we too have powers and remember “together we stand”

So what do you say? Are you with me on this , if yes lets spread the word and make it official.
I even took the liberty to pick a date , and June first(1) or the twelfth(12) will be the day, not major reason, just a middle month . We also need an specific time so we all can Chan in together, on this day at this same time. And perhaps more details, and rewriting as a documentation if necessary, for I here hereby and lets watch tomorrow happen.

"Together we stand" (documentation)


Brockton, United States

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