Greensborough, Australia

25 years old / Male / Blonde hair – Blue eyes / Live in the classy ass city of Melbourne Australia

First Sale - Feels good.

The time i 7:45pm on Thursday night 25th of July.

I was at work and logged onto RB to have a look at my works to see if any had moved, and much to my surprise i had sold 2 designs. Which just blew me away.
Its a good feeling to see that people have an interest in the same things as my self.

Had such a happy feeling all i wanted to do was go home and get on Photoshop and keep drawing.
So to the individual(s) who purchased my work, much gratitude for you my friend(s)!

So if people end up reading this and have something they’d like to see please drop me a line I am all ears when it comes to helping someone out with something they never thought they would find!


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