My Bailey ..... Pink and Grey Galah ....Western Australia

Toni Kane

Mandurah, Australia

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OUR BIRD “BAILEY”, is a Pink and Grey Galah. He is approx 1 and half years old.
We got him when he was a wee baby with barely any plumage. Hence, I am considered his momma. lol.
His habitat IS NOT A CAGE. ;-)
My whole house is his domain.
His perch, situated in the main area of my home, consist of basically a tree. lol. with numerous toys attatched. Oh and a tray to catch his many, many, many poops.
His flock is our family, including a dog and 5 cats and a turtle.
At night Bailey sleeps in a cage for his own protection……;-)))))


The Word Galah
Galah is an English word (Australian) pronounced ga-lah.
It originates from the Yuwaalaraay (Aboriginal language of southeast Australia) word gilaa.

Galahs Scientific Name
This is highly disputed between…
Eolophus roseicapillus
Cacatua roseicapillus

The Cacatua genus includes the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos.

Bird Group : Psittaciformes – Cockatoos, Parrots
Bird Family : Cacatuidae – Cockatoos, Cockatiel
Bird Name : Cacatua roseicapilla – Galah

Galahs Appearance

Galahs are 35 – 38 centimetres in length and weight between 300 – 435 grams.
Galahs flight feathers and back are grey;
The Galahs crown is pale pink (almost white);
The neck and underparts of the Galah are rose-red.

Males: Dark brown iris (area of the eye that surrounds the pupil)
Females: Pink iris and their body is generally smaller in size.

galahs have greyish plumage and a grey periophthalmic ring (naked area around their eyes) fades as the galah approach the immature stage.

galahs will have a pale brown iris. The periophthalmic will develop more wrinkles as the galah ages.

Three Sub-Species of Galahs

EASTERN – E. roseicapillus roseicapillus
These galahs are found in central and northern Australia.
Roseicapillus Galahs have a pink periophthalmic ring.

WESTERN – E. roseicapillus assimilis
These galahs are found in Western Australia as far north as the Fortescue and probably the De Grey Rivers. Assimilis Galahs general have a paler plumage; crown more strongly suffused with pink; naked periophthalmic ring greyish white.

NORTHERN – E. roseicapillus Kuhli
These galahs are found in the Kimberly region of (northern) Western Australia
Kuhli Galahs general have a paler plumage; crown more strongly suffused with pink; grey-red periophthalmic ring.

Galahs Voice
High-pitched, splintered identifying call "chill chill "
Harsher screeches when threatened, fighting or just having fun.
Soft, muffled calls to communicate with mates and to initiate close contact.

Distribution of Galahs
Galahs can now be found in every location and state of Australia (except some rainforest areas).

Galahs and their Spread across Australia.
Galahs are one of the few animals that have benefited from the arrival of European settlers to Australia. The clearing of land and planting of cereal crops have really suited galahs. This led to the increase in galah populations, and the galahs expansion into every corner of Australia (helped also by the escape of pet galahs, especially in Tasmania).

Galahs were originally found to live only in the semi-arid areas of Australia. Originally galahs were recorded to live on the East Coast or Tasmania.

Galahs Diets
Galahs naturally feed on grasses, herbs, seeds, nuts, berries, roots, green shoots and leaf buds. Sometimes eating insects and their larvae when additional protein is required such as when breeding.

After the arrival of European settlers galahs also feed on (and often prefer) grains, cereal crops, sunflower seeds and sometimes fruit.
Galahs also require a daily supply of fresh water for drinking and occasionally bathing.

Galahs Social Habits
Galahs are a highly social animal. If circumstances allow galahs will form a close bond with a mate (member of the opposite sex) whom with they will breed with for life. If their mate dies galahs have been know to become quite depressed, though they usually will find a new mate.

Galahs show affection to their mate by preening each other’s facial feathers.

Galahs stick together in flocks that can range from as little as four to over one hundred birds. Galahs will however form pairs to leave the flock to nest. Galahs are not highly territorial and they often share roosting trees and food sources though minor squabbles frequently occur.

The Galah is a sedentary bird. It tends to sit around and remains in one area. When Galahs pair off, they form loose groups with other pairs. When they are eating, one bird will keep watch and if disturbed, the entire flock will fly off. This behaviour occurs when the Galah is feeding with other types of birds such as the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. The Galah is unapproachable at that time. It is easier to approach the Galah if the entire flock is made up only of Galahs. During hot midday hours, Galahs rest in trees. Galahs are not a shy animal!

A galah that is kept in captivity will often form a bond with a particular human carer or even other pets such as a dog or cat. They may shun or even attack other humans, pets whilst being a perfectly behaved galah to their adopted mate.

Like most parrots, galahs rely heavily on their sense of sight. Galahs can be tricked into thinking their reflection in a mirror is actually that of another galah. Mirrors must be avoided if you wish to form a strong bond with your pet galah.

Lifespan of Galahs
It is unusual for wild galahs usually to survive beyond 30 years of age. Cars, cats and sooting are the three main causes of death for wild galahs.

In captivity galahs can live to 80 years of age. So galahs are definitely a pet for life!


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