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Mandurah, Australia

Hi I’m Toni, About me hmm, Lets See…I Love Animals, probably more than people…They simply fascinate me, with their...


Princess Kendra was THE most comical, docile and friendly little girl.

She left the earth is such a violent way, but her way to make us feel good, smile and laugh lives on. I have literally thousands of her pictures. Princess Kendra will live on for years to come on Red-Bubble. I want us to still enjoy her photo’s and have a laugh at all she was, and this I can still do.
I will never know exactly what happened to her on the evening of the 21st Oct 2011, but I do know that if it were a cruel act, punishment will come to those who dealt it. If it were accidental, then I can forgive for that, as I myself, like so many of us have accidentally run over a precious kitty. If this was the case, they may have been to ashamed to come tell me, but wish they had done so.
Her injuries were not inline with a motor vehicle. That is the only thing I know from being a former veterinary nurse.
Okay, no more about that, what is done cannot be undone, known or replaced.
Kendra had very full little life. She was loved by 5 other cats, 2 doggies & 1000’s of people.
Would you believe that on this day myself and my husband Steve knew something was going to happen to her. Though we didn’t voice this out loud to each other. We knew that it was her time to leave. We were totally amazed when we expressed this to each other. This only confirms for me that *She came for a Reason & Left for a Cause
I know this little Princess, is now ANGEL ~ PRINCESS KENDRA. She would want us to continue to feel good and not sad about her presence and future photos.
The love, kindness and beauty on Redbubble, is so inspirational and comforting.
For that we thank you… Love & Light Peace, Health & Happiness to All xxxxxxxxxxxx Love Toni and Angel Kendra

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