Group Workshop Announcement

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the group if you have joined us recently!

This announcement is for those in Melbourne Australia or will be in Melbourne for this event

This workshop is for members of either The Adult Group and The Australian Adult Photographic Workshops group

I am currently planning a workshop event. This event will be an evening workshop (this one will go on for most of the night) on location to teach the skills of flash adult photography and long exposure shots (we have a full moon coming up on the 7th of February and the time between now and the 26th is a good time to do some long exposure shots (with an adult theme of course!). We will also be doing some “paint by flash” exercises.

I will be arranging a few models (male and female) for the shoot and I am looking for some volunteers skilled in each of these skill sets to act as tutors for those wishing to pick up some of these skills.

For those who wish to join this workshop, there will be a cost of $100 per person to cover the cost of the models and the event will include a introduction BBQ or catered dinner in the afternoon (the last hours of daylight will be used to acclimatized you to the location and allow you to work out your shots for the evening with your tutors).

In conjunction with this, the best images for the night will be featured in the group with the photographer until the next workshop to be held in February to be run by Jim Kellam which will have a fetish theme.

Those interested in inclusion for this workshop please bubble mail me your details including email address and contact numbers.

The workshop will be run on a Saturday night, tentatively set for the 24th of January and all details will be finalised and sent to the group.

What you should bring if you have it:
A good sturdy camera tripod (I will have two tripods available for use to those who dont own one)
Cable/remote release for your camera
Speedlights with off camera wireless triggers (I will be bringing a set of three
speedlights, receivers and a trigger for those who do not have them)
Drinks (No alcohol please, this will be a non alcholic event)
A notepad and pen
A Torch
Your Camera
Mosquito Repellant
Warm Clothing
It is also a good idea to have a small simple first aid kit for any cuts or scratches
A blanket to sit on

As this workshop is a skill practice teaching workshop there will not be a follow up post production workshop at this stage. We are looking for your images to have minimal retouching. This means other than some colour correction and sharpening, the image should be relatively untouched.

Tony Lin

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