An Angel painted my dog

“What do angels do up there in heaven?” Savannah asked her sister, Ashley. “Do they all play harps and other musical things like trumpets and stuff?”
“I guess so.” Ashley answered. “That’s what they show them doin’ at Christmas, anyways.
“So what do they do the rest of the year?” Savannah questioned back.
Ashley smiled and answered, “Maybe they play bowling!”
“What? Bowling?” Savannah asked.
“Yeah, you know…when we have summer showers –“
-“I’ve heard that before! Thunder is ball rolling and hitting the pins”
“And lightning comes when they make a strike!” Ashley replied as she laughed. “But seriously, who knows? Mom said they just praise God all the time. The Bible doesn’t tell us a whole lot about what they do.”
“Well, some of them come with special news from God to Mary – like Gabriel did.” Savannah stated.
“…Visited John the Baptist’s father, too,” commented Ashley.
“You think they do anything interesting?” Savannah asked. “
I mean, besides bowling and music playing?”
“Got me!” Ashley replied “I suppose they fly around checking on the universe and keep big rocks from hitting the earth and stuff.
Just then one of the pups wandered over and licked Ashley and then Savannah”
“Ugh, that’s disgusting!” Savannah cried.
“He’s just giving us kisses” Ashley retorted.
“You don’t remember that pair of socks of Dad’s he was knawing on?”
“-Uuuuuugh!” both sisters
exclaimed together “DOG GERMS! DAD STINK!’
Both girls rolled over on their backs and stuck their arms and legs in the air. Seeing the sisters in such a vulnerable position, Boboe once more made an attempt to play and give them ‘kisses.’
Although the girls attempted in vain to ward him off, his friskiness ‘won the day’ and had made sure that Ashley and Savannah opted to take a shower soon.
After their showers, Savannah let Boboe, their family’s Pekinese, rest on her lap. “He is so beautiful”, she mused. All the different colors of grey, white and black! And some tan too. It looks like God just painted him up so carefully.”
“Maybe that’s what angels do.” Their older sister, Rebecca said. She had overheard her sisters talk about angels earlier while she was in her room reading a book.
“Angels do what?” asked Savannah.
“Maybe God assigns angels special jobs –like making up designs for dogs and cats, colors and such.” Ashley then offered in agreement with ‘Becca’s earlier comment.
“It will keep them from being bored.” Savannah stated. “There’s always a new litter of dogs, cats and even rabbits, mice. They are always many-colored, mostly.
“So you think a angel might of painted you, Boboe?” Ashley asked their dog.
Boboe let out a high sounding ‘bark’ – more like a screech – one after another.
“I guess that answers that” Savannah mused. “I wonder what his or name is?”
“Whose name” Rebecca quipped.
“The angel that painted our dog.” Savannah replied.
“ -Good gracious” Ashley blurted. “Your always asking questions!
“Maybe Boboe knows.”
Just then Boboe let out a nother ‘bark’ –not as shrill as ther others before “Raffff”
“Raff. Maybe his name is Ralf.” Ashley commented.
“Maybe Ralph is short for “Rafael. Rebecca commented. “I remember that they had an angel named Rafael on ‘Touched by an Angel’.”
Just then their dad piped up a retort. He had been resting on his lazyboy recliner, “Mystery solved! An angel named Ralph painted a dog. What are you girls going to come up with next?”
“ – I know!” Savannah quipped, “who paints the skunks?”
“Stinky!” Ashley retorted.
All the girls broke out in a big laugh. Dad just looked over at his girls and shook his head. As he left to go in the master bedroom, a small grin surfaced on his face.
“What’s funny?” his wife questioned.”
“Learning new things everyday.” He replied.
“Like what?” Tracey, his wife asked.
“Did you know that Ralph – no –Rafael painted Boboe?”
“What?! Who’s Ralph? Where’s the dog?”
Tracey exclaimed, somewhat confused.
“Calm down, dear. Ralph is an angel that supposedly made up Boboe’s color and makeup – you know – how he looks!”
“I reckon even angels gotta do something to keep them busy, too.” his wife commented with a smile. < >

An Angel painted my dog

Thomas Josiah Chappelle

Oxford, United States

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Artist's Description

Amusing query on just"What do angels do up there in heaven?"

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  • Thomas Josiah Chappelle
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