Engineering Your sense of Humor

Everyone, well, those that have been exposed to 90˚ F daily temperatures, are pretty well acquainted with the “Good Humor Bar”; an ice cream delicacy on a common wooden popsicle stick that to the purchaser is a celestial gift. I’ll have to do some research as to “exactly” how it derived its name but I can well imagine that anyone that bears under such torrid temperatures on a consistent basis, greatly appreciates something refreshing to ‘humor’ them. The stress of such an environment would tend to ‘bake’ any existing ‘humor’ to the point of total evaporation; thus leaving the poor soul defenseless to ‘bare up’ psychologically.

There are a multitude of stress factors that afflict humanity and that is why the Drew Carey’s and even the Jim Carey, Wayin Brothers, a multitude of others are such in great demand. The ‘Industry of Humor’ is a high profit enterprise with extraordinary wealth. The bottom line is this; without the structure of a well defined sense of humor in the souls of mankind, they are destined for self destruction.

First of all, I must clarify that I am no ‘authority’ on such a complex study as what defines the best sense of humor or how to build one to ‘exact precision’. One would best go to such ‘authorities’ as Robin Williams to glean such mastery. Folks like Robin, are the ‘black belts’; the ones that know how to make humor ‘lethal’ side splitters. Speaking of black belts, one that has mastered the martial arts of combat has taken it also to a total ‘other’ dimension is a sage of humor – Jackie Chan. To watch his facial expressions alone can cause me to ‘split a gut!’

For the most part, however, humanity cannot take such ‘extremes’ on a regular basis no more than consuming a whole half gallon carton of Edy’s Ice Cream at one sitting be considered ‘most beneficial’.

What is required then, I believe, are the “sparks” of humor that are presented at the exact moment to ‘emit’ internal combustion in the ‘engine’ of man’s soul. This must be done to ‘maintain’ the correct level of operating efficiency to perform the tasks of life at the correct operating ‘temperature’ – so as not to boil over.

The reason that I am writing this treatise is that – I, me, myself (Irene too -she is the aspect of keeping in touch with my feminine side ;>) ) are desirous to learn exactly how to achieve such a mastery. As I write, I am taking on the aspect of note taking. I am doing this to assist me to be equipped with such a mastery and to share this ‘ info ‘ with another ‘Bleeding and needy soul’. I may remind you, however, nothing is without its ‘price’. You and I know that it is a ruthless world around us. Even humor costs us an arm, leg and other anatomy….so if you go to your local retailer and you find this as an article or a volume…you are going to pay out of your nose for such information. That’s because you are hoping as I am researching the ‘building blocks’ that are needed to ‘engineer’ your sense of humor, it will ‘shortcut’ any efforts on your part in discovering for youself what works…It is the nature of book selling. You will pay for it if you think its worth the effort to get insight on a very perplexing dilemma.

Saying that, in order for humor to be effective, it has to be shared. When humor is selfish, it is not well and tends to be destructive. Not only should humor be shared but be beneficial to the ones that the “funny” be conveyed. Other factors that deal with’ the scope and the intensity of the humor’s ‘shared ‘ properties. By scope, I think that it is measured in potential to be ‘funny’ and relatable to many – like a ‘good’ blonde joke.

The property of intensity can be affected by its ‘strength’ in its relatable qualities. In regard to the ‘good’ blonde joke, one must truly be careful not to show genuine derisiveness to a gender or ‘bearers of the fair haired set.’ Have we not known that ‘dumbness’ is not a respecter of gender or have regard to the ‘fairness’ of hair color? Who then is the ‘dumber’, the natural ‘fair haired one or the one that procures the tint via the ‘color in a bottle?’ We are all capable of having a ‘blonde moment’ and for this reason , the blonde joke has its broad appeal to the masses in scope and in intensity. These properties are not measured by the limits of time and space – it has a potential to be timeless across a small group or colossal gathering regardless of generation.

Finally, most of the great humorists such as Bob Hope, Carol Burnette, Red Skelton, have made their timeless mark on the Humor we know by their capability to‘laugh with’ and ‘laugh at’ themselves and so have touched multitudes with their own ‘engineered’ sense of humor that is just as effective in appeal to the masses, because they do exhibit all these qualities with tremendous generosity of spirit.

Engineering Your sense of Humor

Thomas Josiah Chappelle

Oxford, United States

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Essay on ‘proper maintenance’ of humor in the soul of the living.

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