Check-up Time

Every now and then it suits each and everyone of us to get a physical check-up to see and examine if “ALL SYSTEMS ARE ON GO”. Sometimes we find that to our utter dismay, something is happening in our bodies we need to take serious attention to and at others there was no true concern for anxiety. Many, however, fail to give their mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who they are an examination. Sometimes, we are cowardly – afraid we will be labeled ‘abnormal’. In reality, each and every individual faces challenges to their psyche. It is in our creative capabilities, that many have their best “voice” to describe their personality. While it is not conclusive, there are “signs” that are manifest in this exhibition of our wellbeing amongst our society of peers. This exercise of creativity, regardless of the mode and method, bides as a catharsis for each and everyone. It is, perhaps, in this thereapy we retain the very shreds of sanity we fear are at loss.

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