My Treatise on Authorship

Somewhere in the magnitude of God’s gifts to mortal man is the skill to pen words that inspire and make one’s readers to reach greater aspirations of all that He created us to be…to magnify His Glory through declaring His plan of Reconcilatory Redemption and to equip for service according to Paul’s apostolic correspondence to the chuch in Rome (circa 57 A. D)….our reasonable service of wor(th)ship. Therefore, I cannot allow myself to pen words that are obscene, perverse or demean His character or those that He is calling or now called. That places all creatures, great and small, in the arena of my penmanship.

Even when I should scribe works of fiction, they will be only so in the the context of ‘time and space’. The living philosophy of God’s redeeming love will prevail as it does in non fiction works.
The works of C.S. Lewis and George McDonald inspire me to model them in their works of ‘phantasy and fiction as well as their non fiction literary works…And so I shall endeavor.

The “gift” of authorship is given me to be retained as a godly stewardship…accountable to Him at all times and seasons.
May He inspire me to right and pure creativity in my placing “stylus’ to script.

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