Second Post to Peter

Thanks for the BubbleMail Thomas – we try to use the front page to show case a wide variety of work from different folks – some days it’s better than others.

I’ve taken this feedback into consideration and have rotated the homepage.



Dear Peter

I can understand to a point how this "should’ and “could’ work. It should provide a equal time sharing aspect among the masses that this website is to cater to and could operate in that manner *”if" “All” practiced decent criteria to ascertain proper code of an ethical standard….Sadly that is not only one Redbubble faces but one that is endemic upon the large cast of society in general. The dilemma comes to bear upon us all when this is not the case, how to proceed. When the groups fail to disallow “trash” as its feature items to broadcast, who or what stipulates the final judgement. Sadly, in some most cases, it is , the website proprietors who have to do an “unpopular” call to say: “This does not meet the overall objective of marketability and the representation we care to reflect to the global market.”

By doing this, a standard has to be raised and may cause a falling away of some of your constituents. Would you rather choose to uphold a wholesome standard and lose the “riffraff” or lower them to a point where those who maintain a desire to produce quality artwork decide for another web portal to market their work?

Up to this point, I have had pride in declaring my work is on your “quality platform” and so have a large mass of others. Please do not allow others to “pollute” this platform for the sake of the many that choose to display thier best and quality workmanship. We hope to remain PROUD RED BUBBLERS by keeping the standards at a premium level for the sake of all.

Thomas Josiah Chappelle

Order of the Office of Chaplain of the Arts and “human” relics

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