Waging an "artful" battle!

Wow! who wud’ve ‘thunk’ it?! I definitely had no idea when I went to sign on this afternoon that I would be spending the next hour texting messages abou such unproprieateous activities by those who are the very stewards to ensure the most correct and proper introduction of ths site to the market that we so hopefully care to represent with works of talent, tears-perhaps, sweat -some of us work up a good persiration going on anyway – to put something we are desirous to give of our best efforts…then we see “garbage” packed up round our “front door”…. ggggrrrrrr….brings out the “green man” inside///

Guess I find myself working my “appointed office” today, Eh ?

Thomas Josiah Chappelle

Order of the office of the chaplain of artful and human reliques

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