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Entered this in the Red Bubble Group:

Who thinks that this type of featured work should be in the “front view”?I opened up to do my work on the “bubble” and was met by a verygood example why the “seven words” should be used “discreetly” and not as a common verbage written or said.
I find it absoluletely appaulling for myself or someone I have invited to be “greeted by such an item in the banner…First that something so crass would pass as an artful endeavor and succeed to be “blaring” right out at you. I am not against freedom of “expression ” but I find most folks would not care to wear a TEE like that except at a nightspot in some deep backwoods. As for a saleable item, everyone chooses what they would dispose of their hard earned cash for…but I would choose the werewolf shirt over this selection…well almost everyone of them except for the top two center items. The* main heat is*, however, how can any adult -true adult – view this as an artful venture to be really proud of? “Hey, Grandma, Look what I bought today” or even worse, “look what a “nice “Tee” I made, Grandma. Ain’t it purty?”
This is more the work of an “adolescent mind” still taking up occupancy in someone who should have left such immaturity pass on by them as they pursued a wiser course in life…
Now that I addressed that matter, there is still…how and why was it chose to “grace” the very front page” when there are much finer works with folks who exhibit more maturity are omitted?

dawndavies, about 2 hours ago

I MUST ADMIT TO WORRYING ABOUT THIS FRONT PAGE TOMMYJO, also on the feature pages its not the pictures which have received the most comments, some of them have had at the most 10 comments but they are on that main page, should it not be down to the most veiwed and commented pieces of art, for example, today I was trying to get my neighbour to join rb with some of her photos, and she did seem put off by this, dawn
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fishlady77, about 1 hour ago

i just don’t like that not everyone gets a chance to be on the home page some of the tackiest thing get put on there when there are a lot of better work out there. I mean you have lots of friends on there then ofcourse your going to have lots of comment and views but what about the people that don’t does that mean they will never be featured. Do you have to know the right people or what.
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hilarydougill, about 1 hour ago

This is what I meant last week when I wrote what are people seeing when they come onto RB. If I opened RB up prepared to buy something from the site and saw the rubbish on there, I would immediately leave without viewing further. I am with you sweetheart, there is no necessity for it, I smiled when you said about Grannie, even worse to say ‘Look what I got you Grannie’ haha. hugs
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Lori Peters, 31 minutes ago

I was shocked about that and ANGRY! You are right, tommyjo, RB needs to use some discretion. If I came to this site looking to buy artwork and saw that, I would quickly leave with out looking at anything esle. I am so glad you had the courage to stand up and say something. Good for YOU!!

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Thomas Josiah …, 11 minutes ago

I also placed this in RB’s forum……think I flushed out some disturbed hornets and wasps?
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