we all could stand for such a "reality check".

Recently, one of our precious members wrote this journal statement:

Forgetting I want to forget about myself—completely.
I want never to want anything for myelf again.
I want to learn never to feel hurt by others, no matter how much they hurt me.
I want to be ready to acknowledge that those I love are always right, even when they are not right.
I want to quit being obnoxious.
I want to learn not to open my mouth until I am 100 percent sure that there is no possibility that it will hurt others in any way.
I also want to learn to be funny and make jokes.
I want to be an angel.
Do you think I could be an Angel?

There are many of us that have felt the same way about our ownselves….. I assured that person of that reality. When I wrote this for her and to her, I did not realize that we all could stand for such a “reality check”.

This artist expresses the talent that abides with them so well in several different mediums -exquisite and elegant….It is in the day to day living that we bumble, fumble and tumble all over ourselves and others…here we cannot find many times the elegant tact, the exquisite discernment and the majestic wisdom to do as we ought.

Thank you for bringing these facts and truths to bear….Artist Supreme
..to keep us on our toes with awarenes of who and what we are all about.

“I have felt this way many a time, If being ourselves, tires us out…get some rest . Pray that the next time your feet touch the floor, you’ll have an opportunity to restore and be restored…as for the fourth line…that is a toughy….more so in a different manner than the rest….bite your tongue and zip your lips is best…. As to being an “angel” – we really don’t know much about angels do we…..are they trully “perfect” ?

All I know is that one third of the angelic hosts followed Lucifer, the Angel of Light in rebellion against God. Even Angels are given a choice to do right or do evil – just like us.

The difference: They seem to inhabit a different “body” than we do, exist in a different realm than you and I for the most part – the sad part of their situation, seems to be is that they were not offered a “Plan of Salvation”.
Being a human “with feet of clay” is very irksome at times – we can’t be “angels” in the heavenly sense but we can be God’s messengers of hope and mercy yet still.

You want to learn how to be funny – don’t worry -we are; sometimes , sadly so.

Do what Bob Hope , one of the most well known and enjoyed comedians did -
He looked in the mirror and saw an inexhaustible source for having a good laugh.

One thing for sure, if we did not open our mouth, we would lessen the chances of hurting someone else else…but also lessen the chance to bless someone who badly needed blessing with a simple “Thank you” or “I appreciate what you are doing and have done”.
So you see…we are going to hurt someone.. no matter how hard we try not to…but try anyway…..it is good for your self esteem.

We are going to find ourselves, “needing” this or that in life; learning to be content is a discipline we should all work at in patience.

Forget about yourself – don’t we wish that in our lowest points….Suppose then we just “try” to do that and find someone that has a need that we can fill graciously….

Thomas Josiah Chappelle
Order of the office of "Chaplain of human reliques "

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