We don't dare, do we?

To: Thomas Josiah Chappelle,

Hi, I am sorry the piece you did on “Do You Know My Shrink” was rejected by
XXXXXXXXXXXXX only for the fact that we do not want to recommend any doctor
give psychiatric care on line…thank you for your submission…

I returned the answer…….


No problem…The article was a humourous out take of the creative therapy we all receive here on the Bubble…..It is not my loss.

I regret that my presenttion on ‘Creative Thereapy" was ’misunderstood’ by this particular group submisssion….based purely on that point alone….. It was accepted by a numerous other groups and in that it is quite a solace that the TRUE POINT WAS TAKEN by most. Thank you.

June 5th: “Doc” Reed Booble Appreciation Day …thank you for all that you do to keep us MENTAL,GREAT CARDIAC CARE AND SPIRITUALLY SOUND (-;~

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