Just "Bee" Ready...never know when a poem is 'buzzin' aroun'!

Wow…even that one surprised me…. Just visited an ol ‘friend.’s bubble site…not so old really…she just about or has graduated high school this year….She is on the go to prepare herself to be a mighty ‘instrument ’ in the reaching of many with the Gospel of Reconciliation. Colossians 1:19 will give you a better ’clue’ if you remain indeed ‘clueless…what’s she has to share….

She had on display about a honey bee not being constructed aerodynamically and a few succint words about that. I was prompted to crry the thought further in verse…to touch on just a few dear points in a whimsical rhyme…hope you enjoy and find the clues …if you indeed are still "clueless, or sleepless, still, in Seattle

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