Landmark visits to view the works and crafts of Thomas Josiah Chappelle

Today, I have been honored to have received over 4700 "visits’’ to my 271artworks alone; 2351 visits to my 112 ‘works of literary accomplishments’ ~; -) . I have been blessed by a great number of encouraging comments. Sales have been awful slow as they must in other’s sites as well? I have encourged audiences from the masses of folks offline to have them visit ‘online’ and take a ‘ponder’ of not only my ‘great’ stuff – but your even ‘greater’ works of talent and art. I tell them about Dawn’s great work as well as Lori’s, Hilary, Angelartist, and so many more that are on my watchlist….If you are not there yet….bid me time to gander a looksee….and you might find my watchlist link to yours. Unfortunately though, there are just so much tiem for creative pursuits here as well as viewing and adminstrative input of new work…weeding out the older. I haven’t done much of that yet as I have been with Redbubble only since January….There is much to learn here, much to visit and see in this artful microcosm we spend quite a number of our waking hours…tending shop

I am very grateful and appreciative of each person who takes a looksee, stops to comment, adds my pages to their honored watchlist, and ever so greatful of the one(s) who invest in me, my creativity by purchasing an item(s) with their sparing cashflow….To all I say a sincere and deep-seated emphatic “Thank you so ever much”. In these very small ways , you have made my day, put a smile on my face and caused me to be appreciative of the fact that I have hopefully made your day the brighter for stopping by for whatever reason…Shalom

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