Werkin' on a 'nuther birt'dey kerd!

They say birthdays are for the younger folk ….only trouble is the "younger folk are as old as we are now….what the %&#^ happened ?!
I even went as far as to tell my kids they can’t get any older b’cuz they was agin’ me…..I dun f’got the
na-ber youngin’s … an’ ‘fore we know it…look how old I dun got!
I stopped turnin’ the hour glass o’er ev’ry time if spilt out on one side…I burnt th’ b’rthd’y cake I was a gonna brung ya….an’ just run out of Grecian formyla….oooohhhh mmyyyy!
Whatta we gonn do ‘bout gettin so much older? ….just act like we aint…its just dem dang younger kidz doin it…gettin’ old as uz!

P> S> I gone and checkked my bubble mail just ‘fore I am writin’ this here jernal note to mysel all ab’ut it….Go…herez another wern Ms Germann….. gonna put us near top o’ the list or clear go’n unner it!

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