ever so humble...but not so humble as him

Well, Heather,
It isn’t everyday folks can ever be so full of humility….Just to beat it all, I have humilility andmodesty stockpiled….it would take me many a monthful of Sundays to get the best usage of it all. I am starting off tomorrow on a ‘fresh’ pile of it. … and it is going to take all day to pull through the first layer…It makes me a bit weary to think of all tha work just to peruse through even the half of that pile….I wonder what it ‘feels’ like to be proud of such labor….I mean to tell you, it breaks me out in a dead heat sweat to think what would happen if somehow I managed to even get through a quarter of a pile like that…..but proud of such an accomplishement…..naw…..I knew a feller that went through a pile of modesty in one day and it put him under…that’s right…under Boot Hill…You should have seen his epitaph…..“The Humblest man ….He ever knew of” ~:-)
Landsakes – I best qet quit of using all of this modesty and humility befor’n I know it…I’ll be pushin’ up daizies and be restin in the ground with all them humbe werms right besid him…..hmmmm…..wonder what should one so humble and modest like me be puttin’ on my tombstone up against ever so humble of a feller like him?! Iffen you come by my gravesite and see what they done put there, could you let me know…I want to make sure it is modest and humble enuf…Never be wantin’ to be contestin’ the epitaph of suha humble guy like that! Tommy Jo….your mostest humblestest servant…but never so humble as Mr. ‘Modest’. ~;-)

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  • Thomas Josiah Chappelle