Woo Hooo - Two Hundred Thirty "do-dads" to amuse and purchase (if you will!) ;-)

Well, it is a diversive group of werkz to dizpley ….thatz for certain. Are any of these worth the purchasing price, am I displaying them to folks as tight with their funds as I am? Appreciative of the many complimentary remarks for such a ‘poetique artizan’ that I am…I am just trying my hand at various motifs to encourage sales in one sort or another. Appreciate some feedback of the various artistic displays that are found in my eight plus pages of exhibits….If you are as restrictive in your purchasing power as yours trully is, I would just appreciate acomment on the order of

“Dear Tommy Jo,

I am a tight wad….when it comes to spending money for any and all works of artistic talent displayed here on the Bubble…. If I had the ‘cash’, I would purchase some of your ‘stuff’. My choices would be _________________, ____________ and ________. I like them because ___________________. Perhaps one day when someone buys my stuff, I might have enough to spend on the best of these. That item would be____________. Thank you for understanding my economique plite.

Yours trully,Best Red Bubble Artist on this site but next to the brokest one (b-sides you I might add)

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