Discerning Our passions and style

I don’t think you can put a patent on personal style or else we as artisans would be considered “landlocked”. Sometimes it is in the later years, such as myself, that we as people, search out our creative skills in search of the ‘identity’ we never ‘had’ or ‘could discover in earlier years of exploration…. Sometimes this is caused by a pragmatic search – nothing else has ‘worked before’.
We suck in our gut and dispel our fears…..do what our passions drive us to…..there…somewhere lie traces o’ style…something that emerges that is uniquely YOU, uniquely ME. Much like the proverb….Don’t be puttin’ the cart befor’ the horse….learn and explore who and what you enjoy best…that’s what I am in search of anywayz….mostly because as it was emphasized by our colleages…..passion and new grown confidence and skill will ‘trace out the STYLE……tjc

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