Poetic Licensing taken seriously

Poetic License: freedom to disobey writing conventions: liberties with the normal rules of fact, style, or grammar taken by a writer or speaker in order to achieve *a particular effect *
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True enuf. A poet isn’t worth his weight in blarney stones if ya ‘aint’ got one….You’ve seen mine, right, right? I ‘licensed ’myself purty much. Ira B. Ritter II is ’close’ kin…so much as to get under my skin at times…. It’s just that according to my poem about poetic licensing…who better than yourself has a high authority to answer to when it comes to it? Robert Frost? He’s dead and gone…so is Emily Dickenson, Lord Tennyson…. But who, pray tll was around to give them one, huh?

Now I know about ‘particulare effect’….mainly because…I am one…Yep, thaz right… I has this par-tic-que- lar E fect upon folkses…so why don’t it figger that I shan’t have a ‘License’ to be allowin’ it, huh?

But, comfort ye, my folkses, I go about my poetic license with ‘serious intent’. It is to go about to ignore those ‘various and inane conventions’ to get a message akross should they ‘stand’ in th’ wey of gettin’ the korn shukked, so to speak ….and thet inkludes th’ korrect spellin of Anglish werds…or shud I state the UN-fo-ne-tic spellin’ of them…Well, herez to hopin’ I gotz my point akross about bein’ cirrus as a kloud n duin’ sew? so?…well however… C U aboot nex’ time Tommy Jo…sine- ing off

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