Stand and ‘mark time’?

Four months o’ th’ Year have nigh passed us by …a late introductory of a kalendar to ‘track the daze of days gone by’ut nevertheless here shall I attend the eight to come. I joined Red Bubbble in the first month and the first third o’ months have seen considerable activity here on the ‘Bubble’ for us all. I am richer in artful colleagues and budding friendships and have witnessed wondrous kreations by them and greater encouragement and renewed enthusiasm to present works that share the wonder of God’s greater Creation upon which we ‘stand’.

I cannot but to ponder what I shall do to match the activity of these past days – I must fill them with other achievements for I dare not ’ stand and mark time of past achievements, regardless of their worth.

Hence the ‘premonition’ of an early poem resounds in the title of my first kalendar werk, Stand and ‘mark time’?
What of your days?
Are you in a daze?
Do you know where?
Keep track of your affairs!
Are you in a march?
Pants full of starch?
Stand and ‘mark time’?
Until ‘Time Marks’ You?
Your youthful complexion?
Wrinkled by Aging’s aggression!
Do not mark time
You won’t have a dime
To show for all your mime;
Now that would be a crime!

Thomas Josiah Chappelle

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