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How To Add Categories on your Profile Page

I have organised my pictures into Category pages linked from the Profile page by hyperlinks. If you want to know how to do it, follow the instructions below. It is a little complicated, but like all things, with a bit of practice, it will become easier.

First, let’s look at the example. This gives me another opportunity to shamelessly showcase my own work. I’m always happy to take any opportunity to stick my work under your noses. (While you are looking, just think: MUST BUY TOM’S WORK, MUST BUY TOM’S WORK, MUST BUY TOM’S WORK).

First, I want you to go visit my Profile Page to see the example. Details are below, but before you go there, read on:

Once you reach my Profile Page, just scroll down a little and you will see that I have a list of underlined words; Rome, Florence, Pisa, etc. These are the hyperlinks to my Category Pages. Just click on any link, for example, click on Santorini, and you will be taken to a Category Page containing small versions of my Santorini pictures. On this page, you just need to click on any of the small pictures to be taken to the real page for that picture.

Just click on the following link to go to my Profile Page: Tom’s Profile Page and test out my hyperlinks.

OK, if you would like to do something similar then here we go:

The method is as follows:
It is best to create your links in the Notepad application on your PC. I need to explain it, because if I type it here exactly as you need to do, RedBubble will convert the link into a real hyperlink in my Journal Page.

If you are using a text editor to creat your links, DO NOT USE A RICH TEXT EDITOR like MSWord as the double quotes will not work in red*bubble*. MSWord will produce curly double quotes (like this: “ ”). You MUST have straight double-quotes (like this: " "). Look closely, there is a difference.

Category Pages make use of the Tags that you add to your pictures when you upload them. In my Santorini example, I wrote the word santorini in the Tags entry area on the Edit page when I added the artwork to RedBubble. If you have not done this already, then you can add an appropriate tag via the Edit page for each of your pictures and save the edit.

Once you have the Tags in place, you can now construct the Category Page hyperlinks.

  1. Type a double-quote (")
  2. Then the name that you want to use in the hyperlink (make sure you have no spaces).
  3. Type another double-quote (")
  4. Then a full-colon (:)
  5. Then
  6. Then your name – this is the name that you are called in RedBubble (in my case, it is tomg)
  7. Then /art/everything/tags/
  8. Then the tag you want to point to – in my example, this would be santorini

It should look something like this:
" Santorini " :
But without the spaces.

You can then repeat this for each hyperlink you want to construct. Remember to change the tag at the end (change santorini for another tag).

If you want the hyperlinks to be on separate lines, then just type them that way (with a carriage return between each entry).

If you want the hyperlinks to appear on the same line, then you could insert a space between each hyperlink or some other character or characters to separate the hyperlinks. I use ..

To make this spacer, or something similar:

  1. After your hyperlink, insert a space
  2. Type an asterisk
  3. Type the character(s) you want to use – in my case ..
  4. Type an asterisk – the asterisks at either end just make it appear bold on the page
  5. Insert a space before the next hyperlink.

Be careful about how many hyperlinks you put on one line. There is not a lot of room to work with and your hyperlinks will wrap over lines if you make the line to long.

Once you have typed it all into Notepad, highlight all of the text and copy it to your mouse buffer.

Go to the Edit Your Profile page and scroll down to the About you entry area.

Think about where you want the hyperlinks to appear in your Profile Page and paste the copied text into this window at that point.

When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the Edit Your Profile page and press the Save Changes button.

That should be it. Now you can go to your Profile page and check that it all worked.

Let me know if you find this useful or indeed if you have any problems.


You can find all my How To Tutorials by clicking here.

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