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How To Turn Pictures into Hyperlinks

I was trying to work out how to add a hperlink to my photographs. I finaly figured it out, so if you want to know how to do it, follow the instructions below. It is a little complicated, but like all things, with a bit of practice, it will become easier.

First, lets look at the example. This gives me to an opportunity to shamlessly showcase my own work. Hey come one, I’m proud of my work (as I know you are all proud of your own work), so I’m happy to take any opportunity to stick my work under your noses. (While you are looking, just think: MUST BUY TOM’S WORK, MUST BUY TOM’S WORK, MUST BUY TOM’S WORK).

First, I want you to go visit my Profile Page to see the example. Details are below, but before you go there, read on:

Once you reach my Profile Page, just scroll down a little and you will see a number of my favourite shots in frames (down the left-hand side). Just click your left mouse-button on any of these pictures and you will be taken to the shot of your choice.

Just click on the following link to go to my Profile page: Tom’s Profile Page and test out my hyperlinks.

OK, if you would like to do something similar then here we go:

You need to look at my previous Journal entry Adding a frame around your pictures. This will give you the method for making the framed pictures.

Now we need to add the Hyperlink to the framed pictures.

The method is as follows:
It is best to create your links in the Notepad application on your PC. I need to explain it, because if I type it here exactly as you need to do, RedBubble will convert the link into a real Hyperlink in my Journal page.

  1. Type an exclamation mark (!)
  2. Then paste the URL for the framed picture directly after the exclamation mark (make sure you have no spaces).
  3. Type another exclamation mark (!)
  4. Follow this with a full-colon (:)

Next, in RedBubble, you need to go to the Public View of the picture you want to link to.

Copy the URL (It is at the top of the screen and starts with http://) into your mouse buffer (highlight the URL, right-click your mouse and select Copy from the list that appears).

Paste this URL directly after the full-colon (remember, NO spaces).

In simple terms:

  1. The hyperlink element (the URL pointing to the picture) that you want to see on the page must be enclosed in a set of exclamation marks (!)
  2. At the end of this element, you need to type a full-colon (:)
  3. Next thing you need is the pointer (the URL of where you want to point – this can be a picture or a web page)

If you want to use a text label (rather than a picture), you will need to enclose the text in double-quotes ("), the software will add an underline so you can see it is a hyperlink. (You are allowed spaces in a text label, but not at the beginning or end of the text).

Examples (you would need to fill in the URL information, and remove all superfluous spaces):

Text example
" text you want to see " : URL of picture or web page you want to hyperlink to

Picture example
! URL of picture you want to see ! : URL of picture or web page you want to hyperlink to

So, to recap:
– exclamation mark (for a picture) or double-quote (for text)
– URL for the framed picture (or the text you want to use)
– exclamation mark (for a picture) or double-quote (for text)
– full-colon
– URL for your final picture

Once you have typed it all into Notepad, highlight all of the text and copy it to your mouse buffer.

Go to the Edit Your Profile page and scroll down to the About you entry area.

Paste the copied link into this window. Think about where you want it to appear in your profile page and paste it at that point.

Repeat the process for as many of your pictures as you need (with a blank line between each), then, when you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the Edit Your Profile page and press the Save Changes button.

That should be it. Now you can go to your Profile page and check that it all worked.

This example shows how to turn a framed picture into a hyperlink, but the method can be applied to any of the other types of pictures in RedBubble

Let me know if you have any problems.


You can find all my How To Tutorials by clicking here.

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