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How To Add a frame around your pictures

I have been asked a few times how to make and place frames around your pictures.

Like all things, it only seems difficult until you learn how to do it.

Here is how you can frame your pictures.

After you have uploaded a picture, you will note that there is a buy/preview button. Press on this button.

The Buy window will open with Card selected as default. You need to decide which border you want to use. For instance, if you want Laminated Print then press this icon and you will see your picture in a small white frame. I usually change this to a Medium frame with a Black border. You can decide what is right for you.

Next thing to do is to right-click over your picture and select Properties from the popup window. The Properties window will appear. You will note that the Address of your picture is shown next to Address (URL).

Using your mouse, highlight the address. It starts with http://… and ends with .jpg or .png (depends on what you uploaded). Make sure you have highlighted all of it, just scroll until you reach the .jpg (or .png).

Copy the URL. You can right-click and choose Copy. You will have a copy in your mouse buffer. Close the Properties window. Use Cancel or OK, it does not matter which.

Use the back-arrow on the page (top left) to get back to your Edit page.

In the Description area, you need to Paste the URL where you want the picture to appear. I usually do it after my picture description. You need to put an exclamation mark (!) before and after the URL. Make sure that you DO NOT place any blank spaces between the exclamation mark and the URL.

After that, you just need to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Edit page.

If you prefer, you can paste the URL into the Add your comment box in the Public view area for your picture or in the About you area of your Edit Your Profile area (remember the exclamation marks).

Click on the show public view of this work link (near top right) to see if it worked OK.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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