Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

crash test mummy

i’ve certainly earnt this tag over the last few weeks….not a bike ride goes by without some fall with the most motley collection of bruises, gashes, scrapes, cuts to the body. MY legs are an awful mess.
I did a night ride with the boys in the rain and it was exhilarating, a total adrenaline rush, falls, tumbles into mud puddles and we all wanted to go again. I did an adventure race at Avoca and we came 3rd…i think we could have won comfortably, but made one orienteering mistake and Pete cramped up in the last run and we (Jaap and I) ended up pulling and pushing him uphills and pulling him over the finishing line. we had so much fun and it was a real buzz to do so well. all the way home we were talking about doing longer harder races.
we’ve booked in to do a 25 hour race down the South Coast. i wanted to do the 50 hour race but the boys think we should step up in increments which is sensible (a dirty word, 2 × 4 letter word) so now, we’re training for that. I’ll go out and do as many hours tomorrow night as i can. My friend Tomboy will most definatley come, he’s such a sucker for pain, has just about healed his broken shoulder but has accompanied me on all mountain bike rides, soft sand runs. i have to do a lot of paddling & swimming. There’s rock climbing, coasteering, abseiling and 2 jumps of 4m and & 7 m.? All in all, whatever they throw at you and you enjoy every minute of it.

i finished off a commissioned painting and am just painting another big canvas of the view from the Bible Garden up at Palm Beach.I’ve only 1 more month of painting before it’s back to clothing design for a couple of months.

we’ve nearly finished our new websites and they’ll be up and running ASAP. The Apres velo on should be any day now.

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