Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

Bicycle Film Festival

it’s all over now. brilliant. the films were awe inspiring and even though the only filming I’v ever done was pavements of Morocco (i’d just bought a hand held video thingy-ma-jig and never read instructions so got lots of footage of feet, footpaths, insides of cars, bags & blackness but jeez it was funny!) i feel like going out and making an Australian bike film. I met some wonderful characters over the week of exhibitions, parties and showings. Hope to stay friends with them. In fact going for a “night klunk” with Adam, a champion “trials” cyclist who does amazing feats of balance and jumping on a bike with no seat, it’s all done on stairs, platforms, rocks…whatever they can hurl off and onto whilst balancing. incredible.
so, tomorrow night we’re going to go Mountain biking in the bush in the dark with lights on, of course.

The opening party was at Deus ex machina and was uber cool. Met Dare Jennings there, i used to serve him coffee at the Lamrock cafe 18 years ago. He’s going to meet with us and talk over our cycling brand, maybe give us some advice.They screened some of the shorter films on a huge white warehouse wall on Parramatta Rd. we sat on big old metal shipping containers, cars and window sills of the shop and watched films on this road with traffic going past…..watching these awesome films about cycling.One about couriers in New York was vomit inducing, the camera was on the head of the director while he cycled behind these guys dodging buses, cars, trucks….sometimes being hit, falling, skidding…so many near misses. it’s like being in a 3d cinema and you know how you get nauseus with all the fast movement & swerving and your body sways as though you’re there??? And you gasp as it feels like YOU are on that bike?

Got an adventure race coming up in a couple of weeks so have been running, paddling, swimming and M. biking.This morning we ran soft sand and had a swim down at Manly. Water felt great on aching body.

Work: finished large canvas “Sunshine Beach” and went and spoke to a clent about a commission from her house yesterday, will sketch it up this morning and send thru scan. Will stretch up some canvases today and maybe start another work, a painting of the view from The Bible Garden at Palm Beach. It’s a stunning view.

have been working in bits and pieces on new Doily Couture website. I’ve sketched up a little shop and we’ve been putting little handpainted manequins with photos of clothing onto them into my make-believe shop in photoshop. Cute and girly.

i only have another couple of months to paint and it’s very relaxing compared to the fashion design, i knock off earlier each night. It’s funny, i never mind sewing way into the late hours but painting i need to concentrate much more and be in the mood for.

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